Permaculture Property for Sale, Nelson BC: Snow’s Hillhouse Microfarm

Snow’s Hillhouse Microfarm is a working permaculture property for sale, located about a 15-minute drive from the West Kootenay mountain town of Nelson, BC, Canada.

This property needs to belong to people who have a love of permaculture, have the desire to live sustainably, and who appreciate the beauty that has been manifested here.

It needs to belong to people who will care for it, tend the gardens and enjoy the fruits of the currently producing plants, berries and trees; who will enjoy the fruit of the mulberries and pawpaw trees once they start producing and tend the chestnut trees for future generations.

Bring your dreams, hopes and aspirations. We are waiting for you!

You can buy the place outright, or maybe keep me on as a partner, and work out some kind of shared arrangement.

In either case, I plan to be living just down the road, and can be counted on to help you figure stuff out….what is what and what is where, and how stuff works, or not. As you like.

Click to get more information and contact me (via my website below) if you seriously think you want to pursue this.

It’s time to let the place go to the right people.

Is that you?

Quick Facts:
3 1/2 Acres
15 minutes from Nelson, BC
Lake and mountain views
2 Buildings with a total of 6 bedrooms (or studios/offices)
Over 200 species of perennial plants bushes and trees, (edible, medicinal, and additive)
Large established vegetable gardens
extensive irrigation system in place
two potable water sources
natural gas and wood heat sources in both houses
Natural Cob Wood-heated sauna building on site
ready for your imagination, this property can be used for so many different things!

For more information: