Searching for Missing Nan Dixon’s Remains | NOTE REVEALED | Found Bottle & Bones

Nan Dixon went missing in 1978 and has never been found. 4 years later, her vehicle was found in a remote valley near Lovelock, Nevada.

We have located the location where Nan’s vehicle was found and searched the area. We have found some interesting stuff in the immediate area of her vehicle.

The most interesting part is the lack of trash anywhere else in the area. We found no other trash in the area!

Nan’s disappearance has remained an unsolved mystery ever since her disappearance. Was she murdered? Did she take the wrong turn and get stranded?

What we do know is Nan left a note in her vehicle. We reveal this note in this video, and what we think it may have said. The note was in very bad condition and thought to be covered in blood when it was discovered.

Nobody knows what happened to Nan, but you can come along with us as we try to find her remains. You can even help us in our search from the comfort of your own home when we start releasing our video from the air.

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