Costa Rica property & farm land for sale by owner – Eco Village

Saint Michael’s Sustainable Community

Why Vacation in Paradise when you can live here?

Do you like the sound of a roof that collects rainwater? How about a garden watered by the condensation from your A/C? The A/Cs will be powered by hydroelectric power. Throw in being able to grow your own food, collecting your own compost, and a local nearby nature reserve by a stream and you have yourself a slice of paradise. Make it a 1.45 acre ocean view property and there’s no reason to not live here.

Saint Michael’s Sustainable Community
Highway 239, Parrita, Puntarenas, Costa Rica. 60901
Tel: 27793029

LivingProof Eco Villas

LivingProof villas provide you with free cooling. LivingProof villas are made with lasting in mind. They also have modern conveniences and are made to be sustainable through the use of regenerative agriculture. The villas are also surrounded by gardens and fruit trees as well as a disc golf course.

There are two different size ones available;

70 m2 for $119,000

112 m2 for $149,000

You can build your own custom designed home in our community. We are proud of how differently we think. We fully believe that just a little planning can take you a long way in life. Everything about our Eco Village is intentional. Our goal is to plan ahead more so we waste less. Our community is a step above being sustainable. It’s become regenerative. We believe that doing this is the best thing for our personal health, our children, and the planet as a whole. We live in harmony with nature in a peaceful and natural environment. We also don’t have to give up on modern comforts. Our Saint Michael’s community as a perfect example of how people can live in peace and harmony with nature. The Living Roofs of the villas provide a great way to cool them. Home water systems like this are a part of the other homes. Things that are non-edible are treated with grey and black water rather than drinking water to cut down water usage. Saint Michael’s is ideal for people who want to live in harmony with nature. Each property comes with an ocean view and edible landscaping is planted on each property too.

Easy Sustainable Living

This community provides a model of the future of humanity. For something to be sustainable and good it needs to have a positive effect on not just the environment but also society. There is a question associated with every design problem. That is asking if you’re trying to make something just less bad, or if you’re trying to actually make something better. True answers are about creating a positive outcome, rather than just lessening a negative one.

Our Permaculture Country Club is Here

The Permaculture Country Club is a regenerative farm that aims to teach others how to farm effectively and with regeneration in mind. It houses the best and brightest people in the field of regenerative agriculture, all of whom want to share and teach. We have played host to many regenerative farmers, biologists, interns, volunteers, permaculturists, and Agricultural College Students from every corner of the world. We teach people sustainable and natural methods to compost and garden through locals schools and with our very own apprenticeship program.

Edible Landscaping Enhanced By a Food Forest

We make the center of our community healthy food. The Food Forest we’ve put together begins at the fresh water spring found nearest to the community center. There is more than one type of forest garden and they serve several purposes including erosion conversion. There are also terrace gardens and swales that work by catching water and sending it into the ground. A forest is truly the best kind of garden. A forest is an ecosystem all on its own. It doesn’t need any fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, or even watering. Forests take care of themselves and have healthy soil. To that end our soil alone is an ecosystem. Our forests produce well over 5000 mangoes each year and there are many more different fruit producing trees. There are over a hundred varieties of trees you can plant on your property including pineapples, bananas, plantains, oranges, limes, lemons, papaya, turmeric, ginger, teas, edible flowers, katuk, yucca (a kind of potato), and many more.