2016 Lone Star Land Steward: Winkler Ranch

Edwards Plateau: Winkler Ranch
Blanco County, Texas
Matt and Peggy Winkler, Owners
Derek Birck, Manager
When Dr. Matthew Winkler purchased his Blanco County ranch 10 years ago, he and operator Derek Birck began implementing comprehensive wildlife and habitat management plans. They use conservation tools like prescribed burning, brush management, riparian enhancement, grazing management and invasive pest control to support a wide variety of plant and animal life. They also make sure to protect habitat for species of concern, including the golden-cheeked warbler, an endangered species of bird in Texas. The property, which is protected by a conservation easement, maintains a healthy ecosystem for all wildlife native to the property, with emphasis on deer, turkey and pollinators.
One of the most significant parts of the ranch is a large bat cave, which supports one of the largest populations of cave-roosting bats in the county. Winkler makes sure to maintain clear flight lines around the cave and has been supportive of survey and inventory efforts of the bats in the cave.
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